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Going Romance

Series RLLT (from 2014 onwards)

The conference series has its own directly associated publication series, Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory, abbreviated RLLT, published by John Benjamins (Amsterdam/Philadelphia). From 2014 onwards, the Series integrates the volumes associated to LSRL.

Due to this important development, the Series has installed an independent editorial board.

Current members of this board are: Roberta d’Alessandro (Leiden), Barbara Bullock (Texas-Austin), Joâo Costa (Lisbon), Haike Jacobs (Nijmegen), Juana Liceras (Ottawa), Cristina Schmitt (Michigan), Petra Sleeman (Amsterdam), Henriëtte de Swart (Utrecht) and  Cristina Tortora (CUNY).

In practice, we will integrate on these webpages (of the site for Going Romance) only the tables of content of the volumes associated to this conference series.

The site of the publishing company provides additional practical information, and more in particular also the details concerning the volumes associated to LSRL (March 2016: RLLT 7 and RLLT 9).