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Going Romance

Publication 2014

Title: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2012
Subtitle: Selected papers from “Going Romance” Leuven 2012
Editors: Karen Lahousse and Stefania Marzo
Year of publication: 2014.
Publishing Company: John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.
Series: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory Volume 6.
  • Introductory text by the editors.
  • Christina Tortora: Clausal domains and clitic placement generalizations in Romance. Pages 1-36.
  • Manuel Leonetti: Spanish VSX. Pages 37-64.
  • Mara Frascarelli and Francesca Ramaglia: The interpretation of clefting (a)symmetries between Italian and German. Pages 65-90.
  • Liliane Haegeman, André Meinunger and Aleksandra Vercauteren: Against the matrix left periphery analysis of English it-clefts. Pages 91-108.
  • Margot Colinet: A pragmatic analysis of the differences between NPIs and FCIs. Pages 109-122. 
  • Anna Pineda:. What lies behind dative/accusative alternations in Romance. Pages 123-140.
  • Lieven Danckaert: The derivation of Classical Latin Aux-final clauses: Implications for the internal structure of the verb phrase. Pages 141-160.
  • Anabela Gonçalves, Ana Lucia Santos and Inès Duarte: (Pseudo-)Inflected infinitives and control as Agree. Pages 161-180.
  • Michelle Sheenan: Partial control in Romance languages: The covert comitative analysis. Pages 181-198.
  • Jacopo Torregrossa: ‘Rippled’ low topics: A phonological approach to postfocal topics in Italian. Pages 199-222.
  • Justin Davidson: A comparison of fricative voicing and lateral velarization phenomena in Barcelona: A variationist approach to Spanish in contact with Catalan. Pages 223-244.
  • Index

All abstracts and additional details can be found at http://benjamins.com/catalog/rllt.6