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Going Romance

General Information

Going Romance is the European conference series that focuses on Romance languages from the perspective of current linguistic theorizing. In the quarter of a century of its existence, it has developed into the major European discussion forum for theoretically relevant research on Romance languages.

The conference lasts for three days, with at least two days for the general session. Invited speakers receive slots of 60 minutes (45+15). Slots for selected speakers take 40 minutes (30+10), thus making possible elaborate argumentation and interaction with the audience. We do not exclude beforehand shorter slots and/or poster sessions. The conference may include a one-day workshop with a theme depending on the initiatives of the local organisation (and/or the steering committee).

Going Romance is organised every year, generally in the first half of December. The call for papers is issued and distributed before summer, resulting in a program available around half October. Currently, we are gradually moving towards a situation in which distribution of the call takes place in spring with a submission deadline in the first half of July, such that the program can be established in September. The acceptance rate for abstracts varies between 20% and 40%.

We used to have a separate publication series with Benjamins Publications (Series RLLT), but our contract has been discontinued from venue 2017 onwards. As from that moment, it depends on the initiatives of the local organizers of a venue whether the publication of an associated volume will be undertaken or not. If so, one of the current options is integration of such a volume in the series CILT, also with Benjamins Publications. Independent OA possibilities are under discussion, but these are not (yet) financially feasible.

Going Romance has a steering committee, in which all Dutch universities that are engaged in research on Romance languages are represented; currently (January 2018) the steering committee has the following members:

  • Prof. Dr. Roberta d’Alessandro, associated to UiL-OTS (Utrecht)
  • Dr. M. Carme Parafita Couto, associated to LUCL (Leiden)
  • Dr. Frank Drijkoningen, associated to UiL-OTS (Utrecht)
  • Prof. Dr. Haike Jacobs, associated to CLS (Nijmegen)
  • Dr. Petra Sleeman, associated to ACLC (Amsterdam)
  • Prof. Dr. Henriëtte de Swart, associated to UiL-OTS (Utrecht)
  • Prof. Dr. Martine Coene, associated to the Free University (Amsterdam)

This “all Dutch” initiative for Romance languages differs from most other initiatives in the field. It is a conference that considers the Romance languages as the dominant object of closer scrutiny (most other colloquia in the home countries accept contributions on other languages); the lingua franca of the conference is English (most other colloquia in the home countries accept contributions in the mother tongue). Going Romance is generally considered to be the European counterpart to the American LSRL (Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages). In 2008 the steering committee decided that its “European” status may lead to venues other than in the Netherlands once every two years.