Going Romance


Going Romance is a European conference series that focuses on Romance languages from the perspective of current linguistic theorizing and experimental research. In over 30 years of existence, it has developed into the major European discussion forum for theoretically relevant research on Romance languages.

The conference usually lasts for three days, with at least two days for the general session. Invited speakers receive slots of 60 minutes (45+15). Slots for selected speakers take 40 minutes (30+10), thus making possible elaborate argumentation and interaction with the audience. We do not exclude beforehand shorter slots and/or poster sessions. The conference may include a one-day workshop with a theme depending on the initiatives of the local organisation (and/or the steering committee).

Going Romance takes place every year, generally in the first half of December. The call for papers is issued and distributed before summer. The abstract acceptance rate ranges between 20% and 40%.

This “all Dutch” initiative considers the Romance languages as the main object of scrutiny; the lingua franca of the conference is English.

It is possible to hold the conference in venues outside the Netherlands once every two years.

If you want to propose your university as a venue for Going Romance, please contact Roberta or one of the board members.