Going Romance

2018 : Utrecht

From December 11 to 14, 2018, the Utrecht institute of Linguistics – OTS has hosted Going Romance.

At the moment (March 2019) we are taking the first steps for the publication that goes along with it. See separate page


The main session took take place on Wednesday and Thursday (Dec. 12-13). On December, 11 (Tuesday) we organized a special session on “Romance varieties in (micro-)contact and linguistic theory”. On December, 14 (Friday) we organized a special session entitled “GREAT 2018: Going Romance (Re-)Explores Aspect and Tense”. Below we still have the relevant files and pages (as temporary archives).

The call for papers

Programme of the Main Session (12-13 December)

Programme of the Microcontact workshop (11 December)

Programme of the GREAT workshop (14 December)

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