Going Romance

Nice (France) 2009

For the first time “abroad” (outside of the Netherlands), Going Romance took place in Nice — a venue co-organised with Nijmegen.


Thursday December 3

9.00 – 9.15 Opening

9.15 – 10.10 Anne Zribi-Hertz, keynote speaker: French DPs without lexical nouns: reopening the CELUI file.


Session 1 (parallel)

10.10 -10.45 Isabel Perez-Jiménez and Norberto Moreno-Quibén: The boundary between coordination and subordination: Free exceptives in Spanish.

10.45 – 11.20 Geoffrey Poole: Focus and the Development of N-Words in Spanish.


11.40 – 12.15 Silvia Martínez-Ferreiro and Anna Gavarró: Cartography and agrammatic syntactic production in Ibero-Romance Acquisition.

12.15 – 12.50 Mercedes Pujalte: Conditions on the introduction of non core arguments: the case of the dative alternation in Spanish.


14.00 -14.35 Daniel Valois, Heather Burnett and David-Etienne Bouchard: Degree Fronting in Québec French and the Syntactic Structure of Gradation Quantifier DPs.

14.35 – 15.10 Anna Gazdik: Multiple Questions in French: An LFG account.

15.10 – 15.45 Lea Nash and Norah Boneh: The syntax-pragmatic interface: the case of French Coreferential Datives.


16.00 -16.35 Federico Damonte: On the variation of the Southern Calabrian particle ‘mu’.

16.35 – 17.10 Roberta D’Alessandro: Agreement without order. Eccentric agreement in Italo-Romance.

17.10 – 17.45 Cinzia Campanini and Artemis Alexiadou: Plural determiners and the occasional construction in English and Italian.

17.45 – 18.20 Gabriela Bilbiie and Grégoire Winterstein: Contrast in Romanian coordination: the conjunction IAR.


Session 2 (parallel)

10.10 – 10.45 Paula Luegi, Gabriela Matos and Armanda Costa: Anaphoric relations processing involving subject gaps in European Portugese.

10.45 – 11.20 Francesca Filiaci: Anaphoric Reference of Null and Overt Subject Pronouns in Italian and Spanish.


11.40 – 12.15 Virginia Hill and Mihaela Pirvulescu: Syncretism in the pragmatic field in first language acquisition.

 12.15 – 12.50 Katérina Palasis: From morphological affixes to syntactic arguments: what forces children to reinterpret nominative French clitics.


14.00 – 14.35 Claudia Pons: Underapplication of vowel reduction to schwa in Majorcan Catalan.

14.35 – 15.10 Tobias Scheer: Who is afraid of crazy rules?

15.10 – 15.45 Judith Meinschaefer: Metrical microvariation and catalexis in Romance


16.00 – 16.45 Florence Villoing, Elena Soare and Karen Ferret: Affixal rivalry between French –age and –ée : the role of grammatical aspect in nominalizations

16.35 – 17.10 Cosima Scholz: El pinchadiscos – Romance Verb Noun Compounds. Rules under construction.

17.10 – 17.45 Mihaela Marchis: Compounding across languages.

17.45 – 18.20 Valentina Papa: How many comparatives?


Friday December 4

14.00 – 14.55 Luigi Rizzi, keynote speaker: x: tba.


Session 1 (parallel)

9.00 – 9.35 Ángel J. Gallego: P Sequences in Romance.

9.35 – 10.10 Martin Walow: A Unified Analysis of the Person Case Constraint and 3-3-Effects in Barceloni Catalan.

10.10 – 10.45 Andrea Tarantola and Valentina Papa: ‘Past’ is ‘Irrealis’ in Capeverdean tenseless sentences.

10.45 – 11.20 Sonia Cyrino and Theresa Biberauer: Appearances are deceptive: Jespersen’s cycle from the perspective of the Romania Nova and Romance-BA.


11.40 – 12.15 Eva-Maria Remberger and Ion Giurgea: Postverbal subjects in Romance null-subjects languages: Information structural conditions & variation.

12.15 – 12.50 Monica Irimia: Three structural positions for resultative secondary predicates.


14.55 – 15.30 Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach and Sandro Sessarego: The valuation of gender agreement in DP: Evidence from Afro-Bolivian Spanish.

15.30 – 16.05 Andrés Leandro Saab: On Verbal Duplication in River Plate Spanish. Anti-Adjacency and Head Copy Deletion.


16.20 – 16.55 Cedric Boeckx and Ángel J. Gallego: Cliticization and Agree.

16.55 – 17.30 Gabriela Matos and Madalena Colaço: The status of Conj in parenthetical coordination.

17.30 – 18.05 João Costa: Topic-prominence is not a factor of variation between Brazilian and European Portuguese.


Session 2 (parallel)

9.00 – 9.35 Alda Mari: The polysemy of the Italian future and different types of knowledge.

9.35 – 10.10 Elena Castroviejo and Laia Mayol: A Question of Misfortune.

10.10 – 10.45  Isabelle Charnavel: On the distribution of même/différent in French and temporal pluractionality.

10.45 – 11.20 Fabienne Martin: Epistemic Modality in the Past.


11.40 – 12.15 Lucia Molinu and Franck Floricic: Impératifs Monosyllabiques et ‘Contraintes de Minimalité’.

12.15 – 12.50 Alexei Kochetov and Laura Colantoni: The phonologization of coarticulation.


14.55 – 15.30 John Ryan: The Next Chapter in the Imperative Analog Hypothesis (IAH): A Case for Agentivity versus Eventivity.

15.30 – 16.05 Joana Cerejeira: Asymmetries in the acquisition of root subject and object wh-questions: European Portuguese data.


16.20 – 16.55 María Mare: Complex verbal heads in Latin: a syntactic approach.

16.55 – 17.30 Roberta D’Alessandro and Theresa Biberauer: The structural make-up of feature bundles: insights from the case of Angore.

17.30 – 18.05 Mihaela Marchis and Artemis Alexiadou: Clitic doubling of indirect objects: two types of clitics and the syntax of clitic doubling.


Saturday December 5

 9.15 – 10.10 Jean-Philippe Dalbera, keynote speaker: Contribution de la dialectologie à la sémantique lexicale et à l’étymologie.

11.40 – 12.35 Donca Steriade, keynote speaker. Correspondence Theory vs. the morpheme: an analysis of the changes from Latin to Romance agentive nouns.


Session 1 (parallel)

10.10 – 10.45 Christine Meklenborg Salvesen: Remnant Movement in Old French

10.45 – 11.20 Anna Bartra-Kaufmann: Complex Predicates in Old Romance and Grammaticalization Processes


12.35 – 13.10 Alexandru Nicolae and Adina Dragomirescu: Relics of Auxiliary Selection in Romanian.



Session 2 (parallel)

10.10 – 10.45 Tobias Scheer and Philippe Ségéral: A unified account for the behaviour of Gallo-Romance glides in strong position.

10.45 – 11.20 Michèle Oliviéri: Typology or Reconstruction: the benefits of Dialectology for Diachronic Analysis.


12.35 – 13.10 Leonardo Savoia and Rita Manzini: (Definite) denotation and case: Romance historical linguistics and minimalist theory.



Saturday afternoon session (no longer parallel)

14.00 – 14.35 Filomena Sandalo and Charlotte Galves: Changes in clitic-placement in the history of European Portuguese: a case of grammaticalization?

14.35 – 15.10 Silvia Regina Cavalcante and Maria Clara Paixão de Sousa: Subject position and SE constructions in the history of Portuguese


15.20 – 15.55 Bernard Laks and Dominique Nouveau: Nasalization and denasalization processes in the history of French (with some remarks on Romance languages)

15.55 – 16.30 Heather Burnett: Semantic Effects of Syntactic Change: The Emergence of Polyadic Quantification in French.