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In 2020 Going Romance XXXIV will take place in Paris, Wednesday November, 25 – Friday, November, 27 (three days). Responsible is the UMR 7023 Structures formelles du langage, Paris-8 & CNRS (postal address: 59, rue Pouchet, 75017 Paris, France).

Contact person is Michela Russo, email: goingromance2020@cnrs.fr.

Website: https://www.sfl.cnrs.fr/going-romance-2020


For 2021 and onwards we welcome proposals or suggestions. In general, you may discuss and speak to anyone involved, in particular members of the steering committee, and make a plan or a proposal. But at some point, for ensuring correct procedures,  you need to contact the secretary general of Going Romance with the proposal such that he/she can send it to the steering committee in its entirety to decide / approve / discuss. It is only at this level that it is possible to properly take into account the different proposals that have been made earlier and/or can be around. If decisions are final, they will also appear on this page of our site.



The most recent one is: Ingo Feldhausen, Martin Elsig, Imme Kuchenbrandt and Marieke Neuhaus (eds), 2019. Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 15, Selected papers from Going Romance 30, Frankfurt. John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam/Philadelphia. [RLLT 15]