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Going Romance

Program 1990

Thursday May, 10:
Frank Drijkoningen: Towards a Unified Treatment of French Inversions.
Ian Roberts: Inversion and Null Subjects in French and Northern Italian.
Jean-Yves Pollock: On Constraining LF V-movement: Notes on the Comparative Syntax of Aspectual Constructions in French and English.
Iggy Roca: On Stress and Syllabification in Spanish.
Marina Nespor: On Troncamento and the syntax-phonology interface.
Leo Wetzels: Core, Lexical and Postlexical feature specifications in the Brazilian Portuguese Vowel system.

Friday, May, 11:
Anna Maria di Sciullo: Modularity and the mapping from lexicon to syntax.
Danièle Godard: Extractable N-complements and the Argument Structure of the NP.
Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin: Passives and Passive Relfexives with (in)transitives.
Joan Mascaró: Parameters and the level of application of assimiliation and Domain Final Processes.
Blanca Palmeda: The OCP as a Rule Blocker and as a Rule Trigger: Some Data from two Catalan Dialects, Basque, and Spanish.
Ronald Noske: Schwa/Zero Alternation in French.
Charlotte Chambelland Galves: V-Raising and the distribution of clitics in Romance.
Mariette Champagne: Deriving Auxiliary Selection.

Saturday, May, 12:
Henriette de Swart: Adverbs of Quantification and Temporal Semantics.
Marc Dominicy and Claire Vanderhoeft: French quantifiers and the implementation of formal semantics.
Co Vet: Perfect and Future: Some problems of interpretation.
Nicole Delbecque: Sur les notions d’ordre marqué et non-marqué dans la proposition espagnole.
France Martineau: The evolution of complements of French causatives and perception verbs.
Manuela Ambar: Weak verbs, Thematic Identification and That-t effect.
Anna Bartra-Kaufman: Headless Relatives and CP-selection.
Luis Sáez: Romance Comparatives and Pro-Identification.
Francesco d’Introno: Spanish-English Code Switching: Constraints on Movement

[programme as actual result, taking into account cancellation(s) and subsequent presentation(s) by alternates]