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Going Romance

Program 1991

Friday, June, 14:
Joseph Bayer (invited speaker): Raising to the head: a representational view
Hans Bennis: On the structure of the verbal complex
Jean Rutten: Head to head adjunction and the A/A’ distinction in Dutch
Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi: Verb movement and the syntax of tense.
Ad Neeleman and Fred Weerman: Case theory and the diachrony of complex heads in Dutch
Jan-Wouter Zwart: Impersonal passives, head-movement and the V-to-I parameter
Paul Law: Verb movement and the distribution of operators in relative clauses
Liliane Haegeman (invited speaker): Negative heads, negative concord

Saturday, June, 15:
Peter Culicover: Two English complementizer positions
Maaike Schoorlemmer: Modality as a functional head in Russian
Hans den Besten: The role of V/I-to-V in Dutch and German clause union constructions
Judy Bernstein: Nominal head movement: Differences between French and Walloon
Jacques Lamarche: Against N0movement in the DP
Giuseppe Longobardi (invited speaker): N-movement in syntax and in logical form

[programme as actual result, taking into account cancellation(s) by speakers and subsequent presentation(s) by alternates]