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Going Romance

Program 1992

Friday, December, 11:
Hans-Georg Obenauer (invited speaker): WH-phrases and the relation between form and meaning: evidence from French
Johan Rooryck: On Control by Null arguments in French and English
Anna-Maria di Sciullo: The complement domain of a head at Morphological Form
Anna Cardinaletti and Maria Theresa Guasti: Negation in Small Clauses
Carme Picallo (invited speaker): Possessive Pronouns in Catalan
Judy Bernstein: Case-licensing of null nominal constructions in Romance
Giuseppe Longobardi: Construct State in Romance: A minimalist interpretation
Richard Kayne (invited speaker): HAVE and BE in Romance

Saturday, December, 12:
Nigel Vincent (invited speaker): Complementatiion in the history of Romance languages
Paul Hirschbühler and Marie Labelle: The evaluation of auxiliary, modal and lexical verb movement in French infinitival clauses
Ana Maria Madeira: Clitic-Second in European Portuguese
Virginia Motopanyane: On Subjunctive complements: An interactioin between morphology and syntax
Cecilia Poletto: On complementizer deletion and verb movement in Italian
Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi: From semantic representations to morphosyntactic structures: present perfect in Romania
Reineke Bok-Bennema and Brigitte Kampers-Manhe: Transparancy effects in Romance languages
Marco Haverkort: A unified analysis of cliticization
Ian Roberts: ‘Restructuring’ and clitic movement

Michel DeGraff: French PAS vs. Haitian PA: From Spec to Head [has been presented]Frank Burchert: Extraction from NP in Romance

[programme as partial actual result, taking into account partially cancellation(s) and subsequent presentation(s) by alternates]