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Going Romance

Program 1993

Friday December, 10:
Guglielmo Cinque (invited speaker): Romance past participle movement and clause structure
Gloria Cocchi: An explanation of the split in the choice of perfect auxiliaries
Cristina Schmitt: Participial absolutes and accusative clitic doubling
Aafke Hulk and Els Verheugd: Agreement and quantification
Christine Tellier: Predication in copular and inalienable constructions
Ana Maria Martins: Enclisis, VP deletioin and the nature of Signa
Nigel Duffield: Negative Polarity and Quantifier Scope: the case of French infinitives
Enric Vallduví: Polarity items, n-words and minimizers in Catalan and Spanish
Ignacio Bosque (invited speaker): Degree estimatives and modal operators in Spanish

Saturday December, 11:
Juan Uriagereka (invited speaker): Why do clitics move where?
Manuela Ambar: A Comp feature and some of its effects
Ana Maria Madeira: Inflected infinitival clauses in Portuguese
Monique Dufresne and Fernande Dupuis: Modularity and the reanalysis of the French subject pronoun.
Frank Drijkoningen: Quantitative clitics, L-marking and Head-Movement.
M. Rita Manzini: On the (Romance) subjunctive
Anne Zribi-Hertz: The syntax of nominative clitics in standard and advanced French
José Bonneau: Theoretical implications of the analysis of quantifier climbing in Romance
Johan Rooryck: On the difference between syntactic alfa and 0 underspecification
Anna Maria di Sciullo: Prefixes and the geometry of the Event

Rose-Marie Déchaine: Predicate Ellipsis in English and French

[programme as actual result, taking into account cancellation(s) by speakers and subsequent presentation(s) by alternates]