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Going Romance

Program 1994

Thursday, December 8:
Jean-Yves Pollock (invited speaker): (Identifying) Null determiners in French.
Johan Rooryck: Focus Features in ECM constructions with ‘believe’ type verbs.
Maria Teresa Guasti: The controversial status of Romance interrogatives.
Xavier Villalba: Bare Clitics.
Vidal Valmala Elguea: The word order in Spanish and Feature Checking.
Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi: Feature scattering and the clausal architecture.

Friday, December 9:
Maria Luisa Zubizarreta (invited speaker): Word Order, Prosody and Focus.
Linda Escobar: Left Dislocation and the overt-resumptive-pronoun strategy.
Laurent Dekydtspotter: Clitic Left Dislocation: A semantically driven DP Operator Analysis.
Marie-Thérèse Vinet: Adverbial and Adjectival Quantifiers in Quebec French: a minimalist account.
Denis Bouchard and Colette Dubuisson: A representational analysis of WH-questions in French.
Iggy Roca: Output constraints in Spanish syllabic and metrical structure.
François Dell (invited): Consonant clusters and phonological syllables in French.

Saturday, December 10:
Joan Mascaró (invited speaker): External allomorphy in Romance.
Karijn Helsloot: An optimality approach to external sandhi phenomena in Italian.
Elisabeth Villalta: Plural indefinites in Spanish and Distributivity.
David Adger: Interpetation and the optionality of derivation.
Javier Gutiérrez and Luis Silva: Prosodic and Morphological Focus in Spanish Bare Plurals.
Luigi Burzio (invited): Anti-allomorphy.

Amaya Mendikoetxea: Romance clitics and the properties of AGR.
Jose Bonneau, Joyce Garavito and Alan Libert: Feature checking and spanish SE.

[program as actual result, taking into account cancellation(s) and subsequent presentation(s) by alternate speakers]