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Going Romance

Program 1986

Thursday January 30:
Riny Huybregts: The State of the Art

Friday January, 31:
Jacqueline Guéron: Possessive and existential “avoir” in French.
Arnold Evers: Licensing the predicate.
Frank Drijkoningen: On extending the use of extended chains.
Martin Everaert: Long reflexivization and obviation in the Romance languages.
Eduardo Paiva Raposo: Object extraction in European Portuguese and the ECP

Saturday February 1:
Heles Contreras: Closed and open A’-chains in Spanish.
Aafke Hulk: Subject-clitics and the null subject parameter.
Jan Schroten: On the analysis of Spanish Experiencer verbs.
Maria Luisa Zubizarreta: Levels of lexical representations: evidence from Romance clitic “se”.
Luigi Rizzi: Psych verbs and theta-theory.

Bill Dotson Smith: Some properties of chain formation in Italian and Spanish.
Ivonne Bordelois: On control chains as Accessible Subjects.
Peter Coopmans: Reconsidering some syntactic properties of PP-Extraposition.