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Going Romance

Program 1987

Friday January, 30:
Peter Coopmans: Periphery and Ergativity.
Danièle Godard: Remarks on Quantification; NP-interpretation and S-interpretation.
Leo Wetzels: Segmental and Prosodic Aspects of Brazilian Portuguese Post-Lexical Phonology.
Marc Plénat: Les liquides, les nasales et la liaison: quelques paradoxes.
Joan Mascaró: Vowel Reduction as Deletion.

Saturday January, 31:
Manuela Ambar: Auxiliary Inversion and the barrierhood of IP.
Jan Schroten: Restructuring verbs reconsidered.
Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin: Sentence Structure in Rumanian.
Giuseppe Longobardi: On Cinque’s Generalization: Extraction from NP and the Requirement of Head Government.

[programme as actual result, taking into account cancellation(s) and subsequent presentation(s) by alternates]