Going Romance

1995: Amsterdam

Thursday, December 7

Jacqueline Guéron (invited speaker): Missing Tenses: Contrasts between French and English.
Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi: Definite Temporal Arguments: a comparison between Italian and English.
Gloria Cocchi: Two cases of Split Ergativity in Italian dialects.
Anna Pettiward: Anti-Procrastinate Effects and optional Agreement in French.
Caterina Donati: Comparative clauses: a raising analysis.
Viviane Déprez: Negative Concord in French and Haitian Creole.
James Harris (invited speaker): Spanish Imperatives: Syntax meets morphology.

Friday, December 8

Alain Rouveret (invited speaker): Clitics, subjects and tense in European Portuguese.
Manuel Español-Echevarría: Definiteness in “A of a N” contexts.
Eduardo Raposo: Towards a restrictive theory of clitic placement in Romance.
Patrick Sauzet (invited speaker): Affixation, cliticization and word order.
Mara Frascarelli: The prosody of Focus in Italian.
Fernando Martínez-Gil: Consonant Vocalization in Chilean Spanish: a constraint based approach.
Leo Wetzels: The phonetics and phonology of Nasality in Brazilian Portuguese.

Saturday, December 9

Liliane Haegeman: Null subjects in the non-pro-drop languages and the structure of CP.
Carlo Cecchetto: Reconstruction and clitic Left (right) Dislocation.
Xavier Villalba: Leftward Right Dislocation.
Christine Tellier and Daniel Valois: Agreement and Extraction: a representational view.
Andrea Moro: Case theory and the distribution of ‘ci’ in Italian: Towards a unified theory of ‘essere’ and ‘avere’.
Luigi Rizzi (invited speaker): The fine structure of the left periphery

Ana Maria Martins: Clitic climbing and the structure of infinitival complements
Teresa Satterfield: Null subjects and the Extended Parametrization Hypothesis.
Petra Sleeman: The licensing of empty Noun constructions.