Going Romance

1997: Groningen

General session

Thursday, December 11

Andrea Moro (invited speaker): Dynamic Antisymmetry: Movement as a Symmetry Breaking Phenomenon
Ana Maria Martins: Polarity items in Romance; A diachronic view.
M. Teresa Espinal: Expletive Negation, Negative Concord and Feature checking.
Paola Monachesi: Clitic Placement in the Romanian Verbal Complex.
Carlo Cecchetto and Gennaro Chierchia: Two types of Reconstruction.
Alain Thériault: A description of Montréal French Mid-vowel neutralisation.
Walcir Cardoso: The prosodic domain of Glide Formation in Picard.
Dominique Sportiche (invited speaker): Clitics, Quantifiers and Reconstruction.

Friday, December 12

Violeta Demonte (invited speaker): Pre- and postnominal Adjectives in Spanish and the structure of DP
Aafke Hulk and Christine Tellier: Mismatches.
Teresa Satterfield: Null subjects and variability in Early Romance languages.
Pilar Barbosa: The EPP, null subjects and chain formation.
Paola Benincà and Cecilia Poletto: Romance do-support.
Carlo Cecchetto: Right Dislocation and the Head-Complement Parameter.
Joan Rafel: From C to P: Evidence from Romance.
Jairo Nunes and Eduardo Raposo: Are Non-trivial chains needed for feature checking? Evidence from Portuguese Inflected Infinitives.

Christina M. Tortora: Lexical vs. optional Case: evidence from expletive constructions in the Italian dialects.
Mara Frascarelli: Left-generated Rightward Dislocation.

 Workshop Aspects of Complementizers in Romance

Saturday, December 13

Cecilia Poletto: Rhaetoromance V-2: Split CP and Subject Positions.
Luis Silva-Villar: C-(sub)verbal constructions: how primitive C-derivations can be.
C. Jan-Wouter Zwart: Comments on Silva-Villar and Poletto
Jazon Santos: Romance complementizers as unselective binders: licensing the subjunctive mood in complement clauses.
Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi: Aspects of the morphosyntax of sequence of tense phenomena.
Josep Quer: Comments on Santos and Giorgi & Pianesi.
Manuela Ambar (invited speaker): Towards a Definition of CP – Evidence from TopicFocusP and EvaluativeP.
General discussion presided by Johan Rooryck.