Going Romance

1999: Leiden

General session

Thursday, December 9

Gemma Rigau (invited speaker): On Temporal Presentational Constructions in Romance
Raffaella Folli: Causative/inchoative alternations in Italian
Ana Lucia Santos: On the status of the by-phrase: evidence from full passives and absolute past participles in Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan
Jaume Mateu Fontanals: Locative and locatum verbs revisited: Evidence from Romance
Javier Gutierrez-Rexach: Spanish exclamatives and the semantics of the left periphery
Michela M. Ippolito: The syntax of temporal subordinate clauses
Monique Dufresne, Fernande Dupuis and Mireille Tremblay: On the modularity of grammar and its restrictive effect on change
Cecilia Poletto (invited speaker): Criteria for wh-movement: from wh-in-situ to wh-doubling

Friday, December 10

Eduardo Raposo (invited speaker): x: tba 
Maria J. Maza: Phonetic data and functional explanation in phonology: The case of laxness vowel harmony in Granada Spanish
Manuela Ambar and Rita Veloso: On the nature of wh phrases: extraction, wh-in-situ and word order evidence from Portuguese, French, Hungarian and Tetum
Brechtje Post: An autosegmental-metrical account of French intonation
Alexandra Cornilescu: On Focusing and Wh-movement in Romanian
Nicola Munaro: Indefinite relatives as defective Wh-elements: evidence from the North-Western Italian dialects
Juan Carlos Costillo: Weak pronouns in Old Spanish
Jean-Marie Marandin: French Subject Inversion in Subjunctive Clauses

Linda Escobar: In favour of a more complete typology of anaphoric expressions: the Spanish reflexive ‘consigo’ [has been presented] M. Teresa Espinal: Property-denoting objects in idiomatic expressions

 Workshop Negation

Saturday, December 11

Francis Corblin (invited speaker): On multiple expression of negation in some Romance languages
Svetlana Vogeleer: What is negated in French negative sentences with ‘avant’ (before) and jusqu’à (until) complements?
Akira Watanabe: Decomposing the Neg-Criterion
António Branco and Berthold Crysmann: Negative Concord and linear constraints on quantification
Gabriela Matos: Negative Concord and the Minimalist Approach
Paul Rowlett (invited speaker): French ‘ne’ in non-verbal contexts