Going Romance

Program 1996

Thursday, December 12

Ian Roberts (invited speaker): Old French V2 revisited.
Heloisa Salles: On the correlation between Preposition Stranding and Double Object Constructions in Romance.
Gabriela Ardisson Matos: ATB Clitic Placement in European Portuguese: A comparative approach.
Luis Silva-Villar: Morphology and syntax of Romance superlatives: an incomplete history.
Géraldine Legendre: Optimal clitics and verb movement in Romanian.
Yves d’Hulst, Martine Coene and Liliane Tasmowski: Case Checking and Romanian Possessive Article Incorporation.
Giuseppe Longobardi: Generative syntax and etymology: UG and the history of French /CHEZ/.
Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin (invited speaker): Types of predicates and the interpretation of bare NPs.

Friday, December 13

Gennaro Chierchia (invited speaker): Reference to kinds and bare partitives.
Paul Rowlett: A non-overt negative operator in French.
Jeanne Cornillon: Negative Concord Terms vs. Expletives in Negative chains and the principle of FI.
Dimitra Kolliakou: DE-phrase extraction and nominal denotation type.
Randall Gess: Why NOCODA is not vowel-to-syllabe alignement.
Anna Gavarro: Word Order alternations and feature assignment in bilingual Catalan acquisition.
Gerhard Brugger: Present Perfect Types and the theory of expletive auxiliary.
Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi: The syntactic properties of temporal expressions.

Saturday, December 14

Viviane Déprez (invited speaker): Parallel asymmetries and indefinite licensing.
Denis Bouchard: The distribution and interpretation of adjectives in French.
R. Etchepare: Speech Acts modifiers and the syntax of propositional attitudes.
Rita Manzini and L.M. Savoia: Null subjects without pro: A merge vs. move parameter.
M. Carme Picallo: Economy principles and pleonastic subjects in pro-drop languages.
Joâo Costa: Focus in Situ: Evidence from Portuguese.
Esther Torrego (invited speaker): Minimalist solutions to old problems.

George Tsoulas and Thierry Etchegoyhen: Theticity, definite descriptions and some apparent definiteness violations in French unaccusative impersonal constructions.
Valérie Amay: The French specific null object.