Going Romance

Program 1998

General session

Thursday, December 10

Rafaella Zanuttini (invited speaker): Types of clauses: a case study in Exclamatives
Adam Przepiórkowski: Don’t we need ECP in Italian?
Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin: (In)Definiteness and Genitives: from Romanian to Hebrew
Jon Franco: Initial predicates: A unifying approach
Jacques Lamarche: Inflectional morphology and cross-linguistic variation in distribution
Kleanthes Grohmann & Ricardo Etxepare: Root infinitives: a comparative view from English and Spanish
Joaquim Brandao de Carvalho: Templatic morphology in the Portuguese verb
Maria Luisa Rivero (invited speaker): On impersonal SE in Romance and Slavic

Friday, December 11

Hans Georg Obenauer (invited speaker): Negative Movement in French
Caterina Donati: Expletive Negation in comparison
Reineke Bok-Bennema: Remnant VP movement in Spanish
Judy Bernstein: Emphasizing the “Right” way in Romance Determiner Phrases
Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi: Imperfect Dreams
Jenny Doetjes: On the notion of frequency: ‘souvent’ versus ‘beaucoup’
Josep Quer: Interpreting Mood
James Higginbotham: Why Sequence of Tense obligatory?

António Branco and Berthold Crysmann: Deriving Negative Concord in Portuguese
Alexandra Cornilescu: Case and aspectual structure: investigating Romanian Nominalizations
Joâo Costa: Postverbal subjects and agreement in unaccusative contexts in European Portuguese

Workshop Using and Acquiring the Lexicon

Saturday, December 12

Hans Kamp (invited speaker): Semantic Construction Rules in the Lexicon?
Patrick Caudal: Lexical Semantics and Aspect in French: Encoding sorted result stages in the lexicon
Jaume Mateu i Fontanals: Why can’t we wipe the slate clean? A lexico-syntactic approach to “resultative constructions”
Anne Abeillé and Danièle Godard: Interrogative Verbs in French
Linda Escobar and Susanne Aspa: The Syntax-Semantics Interface in language development: Acquisition of relative clauses
Mercè Coll i Alonso and Mareai Llinas i Grau: On the acquisition of telic verbs in Romance
Adrienne Bruijn, Pieter Muysken and Maaike Verrips: Dative verbs in Romance Creoles: a crucial Case
Agnes Bende-Farkas: Stative verbs and past tenses in Romanian