Going Romance

Program 2000

General session

Thursday, November 30

Jean-Yves Pollock (invited speaker): On the left periphery of some Romance Wh-questions.
Nicola Munaro: Splitting subject clitic verb inversion.
Raffaella Folli: Resultative constructions: Small Clauses or Complex VPs?.
Jaume Mateu Fontanals: Lexicalization Patterns and the Locative Alternation.
Cilene Rodrigues: Deriving Referential Null Subjects from Movement.
Larisa Avram: The unbearable “heavyness” of antecedents.
Ricardo Etxepare: Quotative constructions in Spanish.
Roberto Zamparelli (invited speaker): Understanding Subkinds.

Friday, December 1

Donka Farkas (invited speaker): Extreme Non-Specificity in Romanian.
Josep Quer: Edging Quantifiers: On QP-fronting in Romance.
Gloria Cocchi & Cecilia Poletto: CD-Deletion in Florentine: the interaction between merge and move.
Manuela Ambar: Wh-questions and wh-exclamatives – Unifying mirror effects.
Elena Guarzoni: Stress and Tense in Italian Verbs.
Emmanuel Nikiema: Defective Syllables: A new perspective on the distribution of Italian /il/ and /lo/.
Luis Alonso-Ovalle: Is the “arbitrary interpretation” a semantic epiphenomenon? Evidence from Spanish.
Ana Maria Martins: On word order variation: The loss of IP-scrambling in Portuguese.
Joao Costa & Charlotte Galves: Peripheral Subjects in two varieties of Portuguese: Evidence for a non-unified analysis.

Ellen-Petra Kester & Petra Sleeman: Partitive constructions and Antisymmetry.
Tanya Reinhart & Tal Siloni: Auxiliary Selection and Reduction.
Alexandra Popescu (phonology): Romanian Verb Extensions – A case of prosodic epenthesis.
Raul Aranovich: Impersonal Constructions, Control and Second Order Predication.

Workshop Topic and Focus

Saturday, December 2

Knud Lambrecht (invited speaker): Topic, focus and secondary predication: the French presentational relative construction.
Alexandra Cornilescu: Rhematic Focus at the left periphery: the case of Romanian.
Luisa Martí: Topic and Ambiguity with Why-questions in Spanish.
David LeGac & Hi-Yon Yoo: Intonative structure of focalisation in French and Greek.
Daniel Büring & Rodrigo Gutiérrez-Bravo: Focus-related word order variation without the NSR: A prosody based crosslinguistic analysis.
Kristza Szendroi: Stress-focus correspondence in Italian.
Joao Costa: Multiple focus in European Portuguese: apparent optionality and subject positions.
Claire Beyssade and Jenny Doetjes: Discussion

Ricardo Etxepare & Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria: Focus and scope at the right edge in Spanish.
Juan Manuel Sosa & Nancy Hedberg (phonetics): The prosody of topic and focus in Spanish.