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Going Romance

Amsterdam (2001)


Thursday, December 6

Luigi Rizzi (invited speaker): Cartography, Locality and Argument/Non-argument Asymmetries
Dorian Roehrs and Marie Labelle: The left periphery in Child French: Evidence for a simply-split CP
Sandra Paoli: Mapping out the sentence: Evidence from North-western Italian Varieties
Andrea Moro: Notes on vocative Case: a case study in clause structure
Luis Alonso-Ovalle: Spanish ‘of’-clauses
Claudia Borgonovo: Negation and mood
Mary Aizawa Kato: Null Objects, Null Resumptives and VP Ellipsis in European and Brazilian Portuguese
Karen Zagona (invited speaker): Complement Clause Tenses and the Notion of Temporal Path

Friday, December 7

Joâo Costa (invited speaker): Null vs. Overt Spec,TP in European Portuguese
Karen Lahousse: Stylistic inversion: how simple can it be?
Edward Göbbel: Prosodically conditions word order variation in Romanian
Daniela Isac: Identificational Focus vs. Contrastive Focus: a syntactic distinction
Judith Meinschaefer: Argument realization in French psych verb nominalizations. A view from lexical semantics
Monique Dufresne and Fernande Dupuis: On the consequences of grammaticalisation of the aspect in French
Richard Kayne (invited speaker): Partitives and Bare Plurals in French

Cecilia Poletto and Raffaella Zanuttini: The lef periphery as a window on discourse structure: a case study from Central Rhaetoromance
Paul Law: Past participle agreement with pronominal clitics and auxiliary selection in Italian and French
Cecilia Goria: Combining the Minimalist Program and Optimality Theory: the case of subject clitics in Piedmontese

Workshop Determiners

Saturday, December 8

Brenda Laca and Liliane Tasmowski (invited speakers): From non-identity to plurality: French ‘différent’ as an adjective and as a determiner
Martine Coene and Yves D’Hulst: A lexical learning approach to the acquisition of the Romanian determiner phrase
Lucia Tovena: Determiners and weakly discretised domains
Benjamin Spector: Plural indefinite DPs as PLURAL-polarity items
Giuseppe Longobardi: On the Syntax of Denoting
Gabi Tóth: A dependent determiner in Spanish: the indefinite determiner ‘sendos’
Viviane Déprez: Determiner architecture, phrasal movement and adjectival modification in French Lexifier Creoles

Gianluca Storto: On the status of the “partitive determiner” in Italian
Núria Martí Girbau: ‘De’ in quantitative constructions: a marker of unspecificity