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Going Romance

Amsterdam UvA (2007)


UvA stands for “Universiteit van Amsterdam” (University of Amsterdam).


General session 

Thursday, December 6

Jairo Nunes (invited speaker):  Phi-probing vs. theta-probing: The case of Null Subjects in Brazilian Portuguese
Vieri Samek-Lodovici: Pre- and post focus left-peripheral topics in Italian
Olga Fernandez Soriano: On the nature of covert operations. The case of focus in Spanish pseudo clefts
Karen Lahousse: Specificational sentences and the influence of information structure in Romance
Annick Morin: When an interrogative particle looks like a pronominal clitic … and behaves like one
Giorgio Testa: Interrogative perch?: a biclausal hypothesis
Stefano Canalis: Metaphony as loss of contrast
Roland Noske: A received idea lacking typological foundation: the case of Gallo-Romance stress
Ana Maria Martins: Subject doubling in European Portuguese dialects: the role of impersonal se

Friday, December 7

Mihaela Marchis & Artemis Alexiadou: On the properties of the cel adjectival construction in Romanian
Francesca Ramaglia: The syntax and semantics of attributive Adjectives in Romance
Ruth Vasconcellos Lopes: Against a unified analysis for bare nouns in European Portuguese
Heather Burnett & Mireille Tremblay: Variable behavior Ps in Old French
Gianina Iordachioaia & Elena Soare: Pluractionality in Romanian Event Nominalizations: Implications for Grimshaw’s Generalization.
Dominique Sportiche (invited speaker): Inward bound
Alda Mari & Fabienne Martin: Perfective vs imperfective in French; kinds of abilities and actuality entailment
Luis Eguren: Contrastive focus and nominal ellipsis in Spanish
Anabela Gonçalves & Gabriela Matos: Restructuring and ellipsis

Roberto Zamparelli: pronominal modifiers as presuppositional operators
Manuela Ambar, Esmeralda Negrao & Luis Graça: Tense domains in BP and EP – vP, CP and phases
Maria Biezma: An expressives analysis of exclamatives in Spanish

Workshop L1/L2 acquisition of word order and information structure in Romance

Saturday, December 8

Marina Nespor (invited): Rhythmic and distributional regularities in the acquisition of word stress
Robert Reichle: Limits on acquisition of information structure: behavioral and electrophysiological evidence from French
Vincenzo Moscati & Andrea Gualmini: Pragmatics overrules linear word order: the logic interpretation of modals and negation in Early Italian
Francesca Foppolo: Indefinites and negation: scope and word order in Italian
Emily Nava: Managing flexible resources: L2 Acquisition of Word Order in Spanish
Susagna Tubau & Jaume Sola: OV Sequences in Early Child Catalan and English
Joâo Costa & Naama Friedmann: Hebrew and Arabic children going Romance: the acquisition of subject verb order

Amaya Mendikoetxea & Cristobal Lozano: Word order at the lexicon-syntax, syntax-discourse and syntax-phonology interfaces: L2 Acquisition of Verb-Subject structures