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Going Romance

Amsterdam VU (2006)

VU stands for “Vrije Universiteit” (Free University)


General session

Thursday, December 7, syntax session

Jean-Yves Pollock (invited speaker): Topics in Romance interrogative syntax: Another look at wh-questions in Romance: the case of Mendrisiotto and some of its consequences for the analysis of French wh-in-situ.
Juan Uriagereka & Angel J. Gallego: (Multiple) Agree as locale (binding and) obviation.
Masakazu Kuno: Negative Concord as Feature Sharing.
Alexandra Cornilescu: On the linearization of adjectives in Romanian.
Antje Lahne: A Minimalist Fine Structure of the Left Periphery.
Luis Vicente: Preposition stranding and the syntax of Spanish sluicing.
Gabriela Matos: Appositive sentences and the structure(s) of coordination.
Violeta Demonte & Olga Fernández Soriano: Force and finiteness in Spanish complementizer system

Thursday, December 7, phonology session:

Martin Krämer: Italian nonsense word stress.
Haike Jacobs & Robbie van Gerwen: Romance lenition: towards a formal account of a contrast preserving phonetically motivated sound change.
Mirko Grimaldi: Phonological microvariations phonetically motivated: Southern Salento.
Ingo Feldhausen: Prosodic Phrasing in Catalan dislocation structures.
Luigia Garrapa: Vowel elision in spoken Italian.

Friday, December 8, syntax:

Johan Rooryck (invited speaker): On the scalar nature of syntactic negation in French.
Andrew Nevins & Cilene Rodrigues: Sources of IP-deletion and P-stranding within West Iberian.
Angel J. Gallego: Residual object shift in Romance.
Antonia Androutsopoulou and Manuel Español-Echeverria: Unpronounced “much” and the distribution of degree expressions in Spanish.
Roberta d’Alessandro & Ian Roberts: Movement and agreement in Italian past participles and spell-out domains.
Denis Delfitto & Paola Paradisi: Prepositionless genitive and N+N compounding in (Old) French and Italian.
Juanito Avelar: The status of the (supposed) expletive in Brazilian Portuguese’s existential clauses.
Maia Duguine: Focus on a puzzle.

Workshop: Loan phonology

Friday, December 8

Andrea Calabrese (invited speaker): An analysis-by synthesis model of loanword phonology.
Gabriel Antunes de Araujo: Portuguese loanwords in Maxacali.
Stefano Canalis: Albanian word stress in Italian loanwords: adaptation strategies.
Michael Friesner: The Adaptation of Romanian loanwords from Turkish and French.
Lori Repetti: Gemination in English loans in American varieties of Italian.
Miren Lourdes Oñederra: Early bilingualism as a source of morphonological rules for the adaptation of loanwords: Spanish loanwords in Basque.
Photini Coutsougera: Loanword Adaptation of Voiced Stops in Modern Greek.