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Going Romance

Groningen (2002)


Thursday, November 28

Alessandro Zucchi (invited speaker): Tense and Time Adverbs in Italian and LIS.
Daniela Isac & Charles Reiss: Romance and ‘something else’.
Jaume Mateu: Digitizing the syntax-semantics interface: the case of aux-selection in Italian and French.
Mara Frascarelli: Dislocation, clitic resumption and minimality; a comparative analysis of left and right topic constructions in Italian.
Susann Fischer & Artemis Alexiadou: Stylistic Fronting in Old Catalan and Icelandic: XO vs. XP movement.
Jon Franco & Susana Huidobro: A non Case-based case for the three-way typology of Psych Verbs.
Alexandra Cornilescu: On Clitic Doubling and Parasitic Gaps in Romanian.
Marie-Thérèse Vinet (invited speaker): The discourse/P-syntax interface: “tu (pas)” in Quebec French.

Friday, November 29

Syntax session

Heles Contreras (invited speaker): A restricted view of head movement.
Laura Dominguez: The effects of phonological cues on the syntax of focus constructions in Spanish.
Joâo Costa & Lino Mioni: Ungrammatical VSO in Italian: a morphosyntactic approach.
Karen Lahousse: Licensing NP Subject inversion in French.
Caterina Donati: Deriving Generalized Pied-piping.
Laura Malena Kornfeld & Andrés Saab: Nominal ellipsis and morphological structure in Spanish.
Daniela Isac: Focus on Negative Concord.
Manuela Ambar, Manuela Gonzaga & Esmeralda Negrao: Tense, quantification and clause structure in EP and BP – Evidence from a comparative study of ‘sempre’.
Phonology session:
Claudia Pons Moll: Segmental and featural strategies to satisfy OCP in Balearic Catalan: an optimality theoretic account.
David Silva: At Europe’s edge: the status of Azorean Portuguese in a Typology of Romance Vowel Systems.

Raffaella Folli & Heidi Harley: Obligatory obligation: On the composition of Italian causatives.
Cécile de Cat: On the status of French subject clitics.

 Workshop Acquisition

Friday, November 29: Phonology and Acquisition

Jeffrey Steele: The role of phonetic cues in the (mis)construction of L2 phonological inputs..
Paola Crisma & Silvana del Tin: Auxiliary omission in the acquisition of Italian.

Saturday, November 30

Celia Jacubowicz (invited speaker): What Specific Language Impairment in French (Romance) can tell us about the computational component of the language faculty and its development.
Miwa Asobe & Koji Sugisaki: The acquisition of pied-piping in French and its theoretical implications.
Cristina Dye: Optional infinitives are not an option: new evidence from Romance.
Anna Gavarro, Ken Wexler & Vicenç Torrens: Feature checking and object clitic omission in child Catalan and Spanish.
Jacqueline van Kampen: Learnability order and discourse function in the acquisition of the French pronominal system.
Cécile de Cat: Early pragmatic competence and the null subject phenomenon.
Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux, Cristina Schmitt & Alan Munn: The development of inalienable possession NPs in English and Spanish.

Alternates workshop:
Maria Blume: Influence of discourse and referential contexts on morphosyntax: an experimental study with Spanish-speaking children and adults.
Karen Miller: The scope of Spanish bare singulars in child language.
Carolina Holtheuer & Cristina Schmitt: Acquisition of ‘ser’ and ‘estar’: syntax, lexical semantics and discourse.