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Going Romance

Groningen (2008)

General session

Thursday, December 11

Brenda Laca (invited speaker): The puzzle of subjunctive tenses
Alda Mari & Fabienne Martin: Generic indefinite ‘des’: groups, sums and classes
Valentina Papa: Why there is only one ‘quanto’ in Italian
Ruggero Montalto: Interpreting Italian indeterminate quantifiers: a magnitude estimation study with a two-point scale
Maria Teresa Guasti, Chiara Brachini & Fabrizio Arosio: Subject-object asymmetry in the production of wh-questions in early Italian
Hedde Zeijlstra: Pas de problème
Rosa Giardano & Miriam Voghera: Prosodic analysis of Italian verbless sentences
Anna Cardinaletti & Lori Repetti: Functional vowels in main questions in Northern Italian dialects

Friday, December 12

Richard Kayne (invited speaker): Toward a Syntactic Reinterpretation of Harris and Halle (2005)
Asier Alcázar & Mario Saltarelli: A ‘lighther’ performative analysis of imperative sentences in Minimalism
Remus Gergel: Yet another intrusive ‘de’ in Romanian: overt evidence for degree binding
Karen Lahousse: The internal information structure of adverbial clauses
Claudia Borgonovo & Vidal Valmela: Spanish comparative correlatives and the theory of grammar
Bert LeBruyn: Spanish ‘unos’ and the article hypothesis
Nicola Lampitelli: Nounness, gender, class and syntactic structures in Italian nouns
Joao Costa & Ana Maria Martins: Middle scrambling with spatial deictics in European Portuguese

Angel J. Gallego: Phase-level minimality in Romance VOS
Caterina Magro: Interpolation, unexpected enclisis and clitic duplication in European Portuguese dialects
Elena Soare: Perfect possibilities: some aspects of epistemic modality in Romance

Workshop Tense and Aspect in Romance

Saturday, December 13

Hamida Demirdache & Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria (invited): The temporal syntax of non-root modals
Monica Alexandrina Irimia: Romanian evidentiality
Lucia Tovena: Internal pluractional verbs grammaticalize partial realisation
Isabel Garcia del Real Marco: Semantic discourse-interface in the acquisition of perfective-imperfective aspect in Spanish
Fernanda Pratas: Temporal interpretation in Portuguese based Capeverdean Creole
Juan Uriagereka & Angel J. Gallego: Defective Tense, Reprojection and Cyclic Transfer

Olga Borik & Maarten Janssen: Termination and the Romance Past Tenses