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Going Romance

Leiden (2004)


Thursday, December, 9

Carme Picallo (invited speaker): When pronouns meet classifiers.
Anna Bartra & Xavier Villalba: Non agreeing quantified nominal embedded clauses in Spanish
Luis Vicente: Spanish predicate clefts: a new view on (head) movement
Ana Maria Martins: Emphatic affirmation and Polarity
Angel Gallego: T-to-C movement in relative clauses
Michelle Sheehan: That-trace violations, criterial freezing, and bound null subjects
Sandra Paoli: There’s more to COMP than meets the eye: evidence from Romance
Hans-Georg Obenauer: Nonstandard interrogatives: sentence types, the left periphery, wh-doubling, and (apparently) optional elements

Friday, December, 10

Cristina Schmitt (invited speaker): Number variability
Karen Lahousse: VOS in Spanish in comparison with Focus VS in French
Raffaella Folli & Heidi Harley: Applicatives, clitics, and locality effects: low applicatives in Italian
Sonia Cyrino & Gabriela Matos: Null complement anaphora in Romance: deep or surface anaphora?
Ricardo Etxepare & Kleanthes K. Grohmann: Temporal and aspectual variation in root infinitival constructions
Martine Coene & Larisa Avram: Romanian early root verbal inflection is optionally /- finite/
Anna Gavarró & Jaume Solà: Subextraction in Romance child and adult interrogatives
Giuseppe Longobardi (invited): On the syntax of denoting

Saturday, December, 11

Alexandra Cornilescu: Modes of semantic combination: attributive modification, predication and the syntax of the Romanian adjective
Isabelle Roy: Non-verbal predication and the distribution of ser / estar in Spanish
Ana Arregui: Cualquier, exception phrases, and negation

 Workshop Diachronic Morphology and Syntax

Monique Dufresne & Frédérique Offredi: Changes in the encoding of number in French: consequences for DP and IP syntax
Paola Crisma & Chiara Gianollo: Where did Romance N-raising come from? A parallel study of parameter resetting in Latin and English
Yukiko Murimoto & Peter De Swart: What diachrony says about aynchrony and vice versa: a stochastic aproach to DOM in Romance
Marie Labelle (invited speaker): Clitics and phrase structure in Old French

Erik Schoorlemmer: Double agreement in French complex inversion
Federico Damonte: Matching moods: the interaction between CP and IP in Romance subjunctive complements
Lisa Rochman: Floating quantifiers: the role of information structure and prosody