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Going Romance

Nijmegen (2003)


Thursday, November 20

Pilar Barbosa (invited speaker): Against Discourse Driven Operations in Narrow Syntax: an argument from null subject Romance
Joâo Costa & Ana Maria Martins: Clitic Placement across Grammar Components
Charlotte Galves & Maria Clara Paixao de Sousa: Clitic Placement and the Position of Subject in the History of European Portuguese
Corinne Helland: Attrition and Syntactic Subjects in Catalan
Karen Lahousse: NP Subject Inversion in French: Two Old Problems Revisited
Eva Berkes: Negation and the Planning Hypothesis
Franca Ferrari-Bridgers: V-N Compound Noun Formation
Gertjan Postma: Pas and the Negative Polarity of Bare Singulars in Old French

Friday, November 21, main session

Denis Delfitto (invited speaker): Facts in the Syntax and Semantics of Italian
Philippe Schenkler: Towards a Unified Morpho-Semantics for the Indicative/Subjunctive Contrast in French
Sergi Garcia Romero: The Semantics of Free Choice Items
Jasper Roodenburg: How Bare are French Nouns?
Rodrigo Gutiérrez-Bravo: Subject Inversion in Spanish Relative Clauses
Sergio Baauw: The Interpretation of Contrastive Stress by Spanish Children
Tanja Kupisch: Acceleration in Bilingual First Language Acquisitions
Juan Martin: Aspectual Quantization and [+/-] Accusative Case Checking in Romance
Morris Halle & David Embick (invited speakers): Latin Inflections

Friday, November 21, Parallel Session Phonology:

Walcir Cardoso: An Integrated Approach to “variation” in OT: Evidence from Brazilian Portuguese and Picard
Paula Fikkert & Joao Freitas: Phonological Contrasts in the European Vowel System: Evidence from Acquisition
Iggy Roca: OT Strata and Structure Preservation in Spanish Phonology

Workshop Historical Phonology

Saturday, November 22

Tobias Scheer & Philippe Ségéral (invited speakers): A Look at the Gallo-Romance Trouble with ‘Muta cum Liquida’ through the Positional Prism
Kim Schulte: Vowel Centralization in Romanian Verbs of Slavic Origin: Deliberate Exploitation of an Indigenous Sound Change?
Chiara Frigeni: Metathesis and Assimilation in Liquids from Latin to Campidanian Sardinian: a Similarity Account
Delphine Seigneur-Froli & Claudine Pagliano: On the Rumanian kt>pt shift: Coda Lenition or Melodic Contamination
Mario Saltarelli: Durational (A)symmetries and the Theory of Quantity. Evidence for Romance and Germanic
Jolanta Szpyra-Kozlowska: Identity and Non-identity Effects in Polish Truncated Augmentatives

Elisabeth Zsiga & Christina Villafana: Resolving Vowel Hiatus in Florentine