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Going Romance

Utrecht (2005)

General session

Thursday, December 8

Annie Rialland & Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie (invited speakers): Metrical organization, tonal association and focus in French.
Mélanie Jouitteau: Subject drop licensed by (body) movement.
Willemijn Biemond and Jenny Doetjes: Seulement focus.
Susana Huidobro: Stressed enclitics in Argentinian Spanish as Verum Focus.
Reineke Bok-Bennema: “Restructuring adverbs” in Spanish.
Angel J. Gallego: Iberian Romance and Phase Theory.
Annick Morin: What embedded clauses tell us about the left periphery of Gascon.
Francisco Ordóñez (invited speaker): Two Spects for postverbal subjects: Evidence from Spanish and Catalan.

Friday, December 9

Anna Maria di Sciullo: Affixal legibility.
Roberta d’Alessandro and Ian Roberts: Past participle agreement in Abruzzese: split ergativity and the null-subject parameter.
Asier Alcazar and Mario Saltarelli: The case of participial clauses and the universality of unaccusatives.
Gabriela Alboiu: Constraining movement in Romanian Subject Control.
Raquel González Rodríguez: Scope Economy in positive polarity: extreme degree quantification.
Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach: When scope meets modality: the scope of indefinites in subjunctive environments.
Ana Paula Quadros Gomes: The DP’s in the structure of “todo” are extensive measure constructions.
Geraldine Legendre (invited):The Person To BE (or To HAVE) in Romance

Masakazu Kuno: On the ambiguity of N-words in Romance.
Nicola Munaro: Nominal exclamatives in Romance.
Jaume Mateu Fontanals: Argument Structure and auxiliary selection in Old Catalan and Old Spanish.

 Workshop Acquisition

Saturday, December 10

Adriana Belletti (invited speaker): Answering strategies: A view from acquisition.
João Costa & Maria Lobo: Clitic omission, null objects or both in the acquisition of European Portuguese?
Mónica Cabrera and Maria Luisa Zubizarreta: Transfer of Universal vs. Language specific properties: periphrastic causatives in English and Spanish as Second Languages.
Maren Pannemann and Fred Weerman: Mismatches between Phonology and Syntax in French DP Acquisition.
Aafke Hulk and Elisabeth van der Linden (invited): Conditions for cross-linguistic influence in 2L1 acquisition.
Andrea Gualmini: Mechanisms of scope resolution in Child Italian.
Forum discussion presided by Peter Coopmans.

Postersession workshop

Tihana Kraš: Sensitive periods at the lexicon-syntax interface.
Elisabet Pladevall: L1-English children’s development of L2 Spanish subjects.
Jason Rothman: The Acquisition of (+/-) perfective aspect by English L2 learners of Spanish and Portuguese: Initial Simplification affecting performance through the steady-state.
Jason Rothman and C. Elizabeth Goodin-Mayeda: Non-native like L2 performance with native-like competence: examining the interface between pragmatics and syntax in L2 acquisition.
Ana Lúcia Santos: A poverty-of-the-stimulus argument for the innateness of the identification conditions on VP ellipsis.