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Going Romance

Publication 2001 (B)

Title: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 1999
Subtitle: Selected papers from “Going Romance” Leiden, 9-11 December 1999.
Editors: Yves d’Hulst, Johan Rooryck and Jan Schroten.
Year of publication: 2001.
Publishing Company: John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.
Series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, volume 221.


  • Manuela Ambar and Rita Veloso: On the nature of wh-phrases – word order and wh-in-situ; Evidence From Portuguese, French, Hungarian and Tetum. Pages 1-38.
  • António Branco and Berthold Crysmann: Negative Concord and the Distribution of Quantifiers. Pages 39-62.
  • Ana Maria Brito: Clause structure, subject positions and verb movement; About the position of sempre (schuin) in European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Pages 63-87.
  • Francis Corblin and Lucia M. Tovena: On the multiple expression of negation in Romance. Pages 87-116.
  • M. Teresa Espinal: Property denoting objects in idiomatic constructions. Pages 117-142.
  • Raffaella Folli: On the relation of priority between causative and inchoative constructions. Pages 143-166.
  • Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach: Spanish exclamatives and the interpretation of the left periphery. Pages 167-194.
  • Jean-Marie Marandin: Unaccusative inversion in French. Pages 195-222.
  • Jaume Mateu Fontanals: Locative and locatum verbs revisited; Evidence from Romance. Pages 223-244.
  • Gabriela Matos: Negative concord and the minimalist approach. Pages 245-280.
  • Nicola Munaro: Free relatives as defective Wh-elements: evidence from the North-Western Italian dialects. Pages 281-306.
  • Gemma Rigau: Temporal existential constructions in Romance. Pages 307-334.
  • Paul Rowlett: French “ne” in non-verbal contexts. Pages 335-354.
  • Svetlana Vogeleer: French negative sentences with “avant” (“before”)-phrases and “jusqu’à” (“until”)-phrases. Pages 355-382.
  • Akira Watanabe: Decomposing the Neg-criterion. Pages 383-406.

More information can be found at http://benjamins.com/catalog/cilt.221