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Going Romance

Publication 2003

Title: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2001
Subtitle: Selected papers from “Going Romance” Amsterdam, 6-8 December 2001.
Editors: Josep Quer, Jan Schroten, Mauro Scoretti, Petra Sleeman and Els Verheugd
Year of publication: 2003.
Publishing Company: John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.
Series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, volume 245.


  • Introduction
  • Luis Alonso-Ovalle: Spanish De -Clauses Are Not Always in the Right Mood. Pages 1–16.
  • Claudia Borgonovo: Mood and Focus. Pages 17–30.
  • João Costa: Null vs Overt Spec, TP in European Portuguese. Pages 31–47.
  • Viviane Déprez: Determiner Architecture and Phrasal Movement in French Lexifier Creoles. Pages 49–74.
  • Edward Göbbel: On the Relation between Focus, Prosody and Word Order in Romanian. Pages 75–92.
  • Cecilia Goria: Economy of Structure: The Case of Subject Clitics in Piedmontese. Pages 93–112.
  • Daniela Isac: Identificational Focus vs Contrastive Focus: A Syntactic Distinction. Pages 113–130.
  • Mary Aizawa Kato: Null Objects and VP Ellipsis in European and Brazilian Portuguese. Pages 131–153.
  • Brenda Laca and Liliane Tasmowski: From Non-Identity to Plurality: French Différent as an Adjective and as a Determiner. Pages 155–176.
  • Karen Lahousse: On the Non-Unitariness of NP Subject Inversion: A Comparison of French NP Subject Inversion in Interrogatives and Temporal Subordinates. Pages 177–192.
  • Paul Law: Past Participle Agreement with Pronominal Clitics and the Auxiliary Verbs in Italian and French. Pages 193–212.
  • Ana Maria Martins: Deficient Pronouns and Linguistic Change in Portuguese and Spanish. Pages 213–230.
  • Judith Meinschaefer: Nominalizations of French Psychological Verbs: Syntactic Complements and Semantic Participants. Pages 231–246.
  • Andrea Moro: Notes on Vocative Case: A Case Study in Clause Structure. Pages 247–261.
  • Sandra Paoli: Mapping out the Left Periphery of the Clause: Evidence from North Western Italian Varieties. Pages 263–277.
  • Dorian Roehrs and Marie Labelle: The Left Periphery in Child French: Evidence for a Simply-Split CP. Pages 279–294.
  • Benjamin Spector: Plural Indefinite DPs as Plural-Polarity Items. Pages 295–313.
  • Gianluca Storto: On the Status of the Partitive Determiner in Italian. Pages 315–330.
  • Lucia M. Tovena: Determiners and Weakly Discretised Domains. Pages 331–346.
  • Index of languages and dialects
  • Subject Index

More information can be found at http://benjamins.com/catalog/cilt.245