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Going Romance

Publication 2004

Title: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002
Subtitle: Selected papers from “Going Romance” Groningen, 28-30 November 2002.
Editors: Reineke Bok-Bennema, Bart Hollebrandse, Brigitte Kampers-Manhe and Petra Sleeman
Year of publication: 2004.
Publishing Company: John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.
Series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, volume 256.


  • Manuela Ambar, Manuela Gonzaga and Esmeralda Vailati Negrão: Tense, Quantification and Clause Structure in EP and BP. Evidence from a Comparative Study on Sempre. Pages 1-16.
  • Cécile De Cat: Early ‘Pragmatic’ Competence and its Implications regarding the Null Subject Phenomenon. Pages 17-32.
  • Cécile De Cat: On the Impact of French Subject Clitics on the Information Structure of the Sentence. Pages 33-46.
  • Heles Contreras: A Restricted View of Head Movement. Pages 47-68.
  • Laura Dominguez: The Effects of Phonological Cues on the Syntax of Focus Constructions in Spanish. Pages 69-82.
  • Cristina Dye: Optional Infinitives or Silent Auxes? New Evidence from Romance. Pages 83-98.
  • Mara Frascarelli: Dislocation, Clitic Resumption and Minmality. A Comparative Analysis of Left and Right Topic Constructions in Italian. Pages 99-118.
  • Daniela Isac: Focus on Negative Concord. Pages 119-140.
  • Daniela Isac and Charles Reiss: Romance and ‘Something Else’. Pages 141-162.
  • Jacqueline van Kampen: Learnability Order in the French Pronominal System. Pages 163-182.
  • Laura Kornfeld and Andrés Saab: Nominal Ellipsis and Morphological Structure in Spanish. Pages 183-198.
  • Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux, Cristina Schmitt and Alan Munn: The Development of Inalienable Possession in English and Spanish. Pages 199-216.
  • Claudia Pons Moll: Segmental and Featural Strategies to Avoid Adjacent Sibilant Segments in Balearic Catalan. An Optimality Account. Pages 217-234.
  • Marie-Thérèse Vinet: -Tu in Quebec French as a (Super)positive Marker. Pages 235-252.
  • Kenneth Wexler, Anna Gavarró and Vincent Torrens: Feature Checking and Object Clitic Omission in Child Catalan and Spanish. Pages 253-269.
  • Index of languages and dialects
  • Subject Index

More information can be found at http://benjamins.com/catalog/cilt.256