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Going Romance

Publication 2005

Title: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2003
Subtitle: Selected papers from “Going Romance” Nijmegen, 20-22 November 2003.
Editors: Twan Geerts, Ivo van Ginneken and Haike Jacobs.
Year of publication: 2005.
Publishing Company: John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.
Series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, volume 270.


  • Walcir Cordoso: An Integrated Approach to Variation in OT: Evidence from Brazilian Portuguese and Picard. Pages 1-14.
  • Denis Delfitto: On FACTS on the Syntax and Semantics of Italian. Pages 15-36.
  • David Embick and Morris Halle: On the Status of Stems in Morphological Theory. Pages 37-62.
  • Franca Ferrari-Bridges: Italian [VN] Compound Nouns: A Case for a Syntactic Approach to Word Formation. Pages 63-80.
  • Chiara Frigeni: The Development of Liquids from Latin to Campidanian Sardinian: The Role of Contrast and Structural Similarity. Pages 81-96.
  • Charlotte Galves and Maria Clara Paixão de Sousa: Clitic Placement and the Position of Subjects in the History of European Portuguese. Pages 97-114.
  • Rodrigo Gutiérrez-Bravo: Subject Inversion in Spanish Relative Clauses: A Case of Prosody-Induced Word order variation without Narrow Focus. Pages 115-128.
  • Corinne Helland: Attrition and Interpretable Features. Pages s129-142.
  • Tanja Kupisch: Acceleration in Bilingual First Language Acquisition. Pages 143-160.
  • Karen Lahousse: “Focus VS”: A Special Type of French NP Subject Inversion. Pages 161-176.
  • Juan Martin: Aspectual Quantization and the [±] Accusative Case Checking in romance. Pages 177-196.
  • Iggy roca: Strata, Yes; Structure Preservation, No. Evidence from Spanish. Pages 197-218.
  • Mario Saltarelli: Durational Asymmetries and the Theory of Quantity: Temporal Proportions at Phonetic Interface. Pages 219-234.
  • Tobias Scheer and Philippe Ségéral: What Lenition and Fortition tell us about Gallo-Romance Muta cum Liquida. Pages 235-268.
  • Philippe Schlenker: The Lazy Frenchman’s Approach to the Subjunctive: Speculations on Reference to Worlds and Semantic Defaults in the Analysis of Mood. Pages 269-310.
  • Kim Schulte: Vowel Centralization in Romanian Verbs of Slavic Origin: Deliberate Exploitation of an Indigenous Sound Change? Pages 311-326.
  • Delphine Seigneur and Claudine Pagliano: On the Romanian kt>pt Shift: Coda Lenition or Melodic Contamination? Pages 327-342.
  • Ruth Vasconcellos and Sonia Cyrino: Evidence for a cue-based theory of language change and language acquisition: The null object in Brazilian Portuguese. Pages 343-360.
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