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Going Romance

Publication 1986

Title: Formal Parameters of Generative Grammar II: Going Romance 1986.
Editors: Peter Coopmans, Ivonne Bordelois and Bill Dotson Smith.
Year of publication: 1986.
Publisher: Copyright by the authors; Printing by ICG, Dordrecht.


  • Ivonne Bordelois: On Control Chains as Accessible Subjects. Pages 1-10.
  • Heles Contreras: Open and Closed A-bar Chains. Pages 11-20.
  • Peter Coopmans and Irene Roovers: Reconsidering some syntactic properties of PP-Extraposition. Pages 21-36.
  • Frank Drijkoningen: On Extenting the Use of Extended Chains. Pages 37-50.
  • Martin Everaert: Long Reflexivization and Obviation in the Romance languages. Pages 51-72.
  • Arnold Evers: Long Rule Accessible Arguments in French and German. Pages 73-82.
  • Jacqueline Guéron: Le verbe “avoir”. Pages 83-106.
  • Aafke Hulk: Subject Clitics and the PRO-drop parameter. Pages 107-120.
  • Eduardo Raposo: Some Effects of Syntactic AFfixation in European Portuguese. Pages 121-140.
  • Jan Schroten: On the Analysis of Spanish Experiencer Verbs. Pages 141-158.
  • Maria Luisa Zubizarreta: Levels of Lexical Representation: Lexico-semantic structure and Lexico-syntactic structure. Pages 159-174.