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Going Romance

Publication 1991 (A)

Title: Going Romance, and Beyond.
Editors: Denis Delfitto, Martin Everaert, Arnold Evers and Frits Stuurman.
Year: 1991.
Publisher: copyright by the authors. Printed as OTS Working Papers.


  • Peter W. Culicover: Topicalization, Inversion and Complementizers in English. Pages 1-44.
  • Liliane Haegeman: Negative Concord, Negative Heads. Pages 45-82.
  • Paul Law: Verb Movement and the Distribution of Operators in Relative Clauses. Pages 83-110.
  • Jean Rutten: Head to Head Adjunction and the A/A’ distinction in Dutch. Pages 101-112.
  • Maaike Schoorlemmer: Syntactic Modality in Russian. Pages 113-130.
  • Ad Neeleman and Fred Weerman: Case Theory and the Diachrony of Complex Predicates in Dutch. Pages 131-155