Going Romance

Publication 1991 (B)

Title: Probus, International journal of Latin and Romance linguistics.
Guest-editors for Volume 3, number 2: Denis Delfitto, Martin Everaert, Arnold Evers and Frits Stuurman.
Year of issue: 1991.
Publishing Company: Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin/New York.


  • Judy Bernstein: DP’s in French and Walloon: Evidence for parametric variation in nominal head movement. Pages 101-126.
  • Anna Cardinaletti: On pronoun movement: the Italian dative “loro”. Pages 127-153.
  • Denis Delfitto and Jan Schroten: Bare plurals and the Number affix in DP. Pages 155-185.
  • Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi: Toward a syntax of temporal representation. Pages 187-213.
  • Jacques Lamarche: Problems for N0-movement to Num-P. Pages 215-236.