Going Romance

Publication 1994

Title: Probus, International journal of Latin and Romance linguistics.
Guest-editors for Volume 6, major part of numbers 2 and 3: Frank Drijkoningen, Aafke Hulk and Jan Schroten.
Year of issue: 1994.
Publishing Company: Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin/New York.


  • Gloria Cocchi: An explanation of the split in the choice of perfect auxiliaries. Pages 87-102.
  • Monique Dufresne and Fernande Dupuis: Modularity and the reanalysis of the French subject pronoun. Pages 103-124.
  • Ana-Maria Martins: Enclisis, VP-deletion and the nature of Sigma. Pages 173-206.
  • Johan Rooryck: On two types of underspecification: Towards a feature theory shared by syntax and phonology. Pages 207-234.
  • Christine Tellier: The HAVE/BE alternation: Attributives in French and English. Pages 235-262.
  • Eric Vallduví: Polarity items, n-words and minimizers in Catalan and Spanish. Pages 263-294.