Going Romance

Publication 1998

Title: Probus, International journal of Latin and Romance linguistics.
Guest-editors for Volume 10, number 2: Frank Drijkoningen, Brigitte Kampers-Manhe and Jan Schroten.
Year of issue: 1998.
Publishing Company: Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin/New York.


  • Anna Gavarró: Word order alternations and feature assignment in bilingual Catalan acquisition. Pages 103-114.
  • Luis Silva-Villar: Morphology and syntax of Romance imperatives: An imcomplete history. Pages 115-138.
  • Denis Bouchard: The distribution and interpretation of adjectives in French: A consequence of Bare Phrase Structure. Pages 139-184.
  • Paul Rowlett: A non-overt negative operator in French. Pages 185-206.
  • Randall Gess: Old French NoCoda effects from constraint interaction. Pages 207-218.
  • M. Carme Picallo: On the Extended Projection Principle and null expletive subjects. Pages 219-241.