Going Romance

Publication 2001 (A)

Title: Probus, International journal of Latin and Romance linguistics.
Guest-editors for Volume 13, number 1: Brigitte Kampers-Manhe, Paola Monachesi and Jan Schroten.
Year of issue: 2001.
Publishing Company: Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin/New York.


  • Judy Bernstein: Focusing the “right” way in Romance determiner phrases. Pages 1-30.
  • Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi: Imperfect dreams: The temporal dependencies of fictional predicates. Pages 31-68.
  • Mireia Llinàs-Grau and Mercè Coll-Alfonso: Telic verbs in early Catalan. Pages 69-80.
  • Josep Quer: Interpreting mood. Pages 81-112.