Going Romance

Publication 2009 (B)

Title: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2007
Subtitle: Selected papers from “Going Romance” Amsterdam 2007
Editors: Enoch Aboh, Elisabeth van der Linden, Josep Quer and Petra Sleeman.
Year of publication: 2009.
Publishing Company: John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.
Series: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory Volume 1.



  • Foreword by the editors
  • Manuela Ambar, Esmeralda Negrão, Rita Veloso & Luís Graça: Tense domains in BP and EP – vP, CP and Phases. Pages 1-24.
  • Heather Burnett & Mireille Tremblay: Variable-behavior Ps and the Location of PATH in Old French. Pages 25-50.
  • João Costa & Naama Friedmann: Hebrew and Arabic Children Going Romance: On the Acquisition of Word order in Semitic and Romance. Pages 51-66.
  • Luis Eguren: Adjectives and Deleted Nominals in Spanish. Pages 67-86.
  • Olga Fernández Soriano: On the Nature of Covert Operations. The case of focus in Spanish pseudoclefts. Pages 87-108.
  • Anabela Gonçalves & Gabriela Matos: Ellipsis and Restructuring in European Portuguese. Pages 109-130.
  • Andrea Gualmini & Vincenzo Moscati: The Early Steps of Modal and Negation Interactions.Evidence from Child Italian. Pages 131-144.
  • Gianina Iordăchioaia & Elena Soare: Structural Patterns Blocking Plural in Romance Nominalizations. Pages 145-160.
  • Mihaela Marchis & Artemis Alexiadou: On the Distribution of Adjectives in Romanian: the cel Construction. Pages 161-178.
  • Ana Maria Martins: Subject Doubling in European Portuguese Dialects: the Role of Impersonal se. Pages 179-200.
  • Annick Morin: On the Quebec French Interrogative Particle tu. Pages 201-222.
  • Roland Noske: Autonomous Typological Prosodic Evolution versus the Germanic Superstrate in Diachronic French Phonology. Pages 223-242.
  • Jairo Nunes: Dummy Prepositions and the Licensing of Null Subjects in Brazilian Portuguese. Pages 243-266.
  • Susagna Tubau: OV Sequences in Early Child Catalan and English. Pages 267-285.
  • Index

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