Going Romance

Publication 2010

Title: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2008
Subtitle: Selected papers from “Going Romance” Groningen 2008.
Editors: Reineke Bok-Bennema, Brigitte Kampers-Manhe and Bart Hollebrandse
Year of publication: 2010.
Publishing Company: John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.
Series: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory Volume 2.
  • Foreword by the editors
  • Asier Alcázar and Mario Saltarelli: In support of a syntactic analysis of double agreement phenomena in Spanish. Pages 1-16.
  • Claudia Borgonovo and Vidal Valmala: The syntax of Spanish comparative correlatives. Pages 17-36.
  • Anna Cardinaletti and Lori Repetti: Functional vowels in main questions in Northern Italian dialects. Pages 37-58.
  • Joâo Costa and Ana Maria Martins: Middle scrambling with deictic locatives in European Portuguese. Pages 59-76.
  • Hamida Dermidache and Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria: Morphosyntactic variation in the temporal construals of non-root modals. Pages 77-104.
  • Remus Gergel: On the realization of LF-Binding in some degree dependencies. Pages 105-124.
  • Monica-Alexandrina Irimia: Some remarks on the evidential nature of the Romanian presumptive. Pages 125-144.
  • Richard S. Kayne: Toward a syntactic reinterpretation of Harris & Halle (2005). Pages 145-170.
  • Brenda Laca: The puzzle of subjunctive tenses. Pages 171-194.
  • Nicola Lampitelli: Nounness, gender, class and syntactic structures in Italian nouns. Pages 195-214.
  • Fernanda Pratas: States and temporal interpretation in Capeverdean. Pages 215-232.
  • Lucia M. Tovena: Pluractional verbs that grammaticise number through the part-of relation. Pages 233-248.
  • Language index
  • Subject index

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