Going Romance

Publication 2012

Title: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2010
Subtitle: Selected papers from “Going Romance” Leiden 2010
Editors: Irene Franco, Sara Lusini and Andrés Saab
Year of publication: 2012.
Publishing Company: John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.
Series: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory Volume 4.
  • Foreword by the editors
  • Maria Rita Manzini: From Romance clitics to case: Split accusativity and the Person Case Constraint. Pages 1-20.
  • David Embick: Contextual conditions on stem alternations: Illustrations from the Spanish conjugation. Pages 21-40.
  • Antonio Fábregas and Rafael Marín: State nouns are Kimian states. Pages 41-64.
  • Fernanda Pratas: “I know the answer”: A Perfect State in Capeverdean. Pages 65-86.
  • Stefano Canalis and Luigia Garrapa: Stresses vowel duration and stress placement in Italian: What paroxytones and proparoxytones have in common. Pages 87-114.
  • Francesc Torres-Tamarit and Claudia Pons-Moll: Serial prosodification and voiced stop geminates in Catalan. Pages 115-134.
  • Viviane Déprez, Kristen Syrett and Shigeto Kawahara: Interfacing information and prosody: French wh-in-situ questions. Pages 135-154.
  • Joâo Costa, Ana Maria Martins and Fernanda Pratas: VP Ellipsis: New evidence from Capeverdean. Pages 155-176.
  • Andrés Saab and Pablo Zdrojewski: Anti-repair effects under ellipsis: diagnosing (post-)syntactic clitics in Spanish. Pages 177-202.
  • Francesco Costantini: On the argument structure of the causative construction: Evidence from scope interactions. Pages 203-220.
  • Index

 All abstracts and additional details can be found at http://benjamins.com/catalog/rllt.4