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Going Romance

Publications (past)

The papers that were presented at the first workshop were published by the Utrecht institute of Linguistics – OTS (internal publication). After a short period without written renderings of the oral presentations, publication of a selection of papers was realized from the fifth venue onwards.

During quite a period, the international journal Probus published a selection of the papers on the basis of the standards of the review procedure they maintained. As a consequence, in practice the special issue associated to Going Romance contained, in a limited amount of space, a specific selected subset of the papers that were presented.

In a third period, basically due to the high number of qualitatively good papers, the steering committee decided to move towards the publication of an entire volume. The result has been the yearly publication of a volume in the series Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, published by John Benjamins.

At the end of the first decennium of the new millennium, we achieved a more definitive end state. In the series CILT, that  incorporated the volume, the volumes also stood out by being regular and by having a fixed basic title, which made them more like a subseries. Consequently, the publishing company proposed to create a separate series for our volumes: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory, each volume to be distinguished from the others by mentioning the year of the corresponding conference.

About five years later, it was decided that the series RLLT will also integrate the volumes associated to the American circuit “Linguistic Symposia on Romance Linguistics” (LSRL). Hence, the current state of affaire can be described as follows.

The new formula of the Series (since Summer 2014) with Benjamins Publications (Amsterdam and Philadelphia) aims at having one volume every year of selected papers from the Going Romance conferences as well as one volume every year of selected papers from the Linguistic Symposia on Romance Linguistics (LSLR). The organisers of a specific conference also function as the editors of the volume associated to that specific conference.

In January 2019, Benjamins Publications let us know that RLLT will discontinued, but that accommodation of the publications via the CILT series can be accepted for the volumes associated to venues in 2017 and 2018.

For venues after January, 2019, both circuits (Going Romance and Linguistic Symposia on Romance Linguistics) are currently discussing options including options that are Open Access.